Sunday, January 6, 2013

Wyatt's Nursery

 There are two blog posts I have been wanting to write for quite awhile, but every time I think about doing that... something else comes up. For some reason I thought our lives would slow down after having a baby... haha... I was obviously a little wrong. The two posts I have been wanting to share are Wyatt's nursery and his birth story (a not too detailed account for those with a weak stomach... child birth is messy!:). I'm still deciding about how to share/how much to share regarding his birth story, so I'll start with his nursery :)... which is convenient since the last post I did (a LONG time ago) included some of my ideas for the nursery. 

Here are a few pictures/details. They were all taken with my iPhone so I'm sorry the quality isn't so great.



The dresser in the pictures we bought from Ikea and the changing pad cover is from Land of Nod. All of the frames are either from Ikea or Good Will. I spray painted them all white to match, and most of the printables I found for free on pinterest. My friend Darlene made the prayer board for me (which I LOVE), and my friend Sarah gave me the beautiful frame with the verses from Psalm 139 in it. The other verses on the wall are Zephaniah 3:17, Colossians 3:1-2, and Matthew 28:19-20. I love meditating on all of the Scripture on the wall when I am in the nursery and I look forward to teaching Wyatt these verses in the future. I pray that he learns at a young age to hide God's Word in his heart and to live by it. The cowboy accents were a result of Brian thinking yellow is a girly color and that Wyatt needed a more manly nursery :). Yellow cowboy decor was my compromise. I bought the horse shoe and antlers at Hobby Lobby and spray painted them yellow. I printed the cowboy silhouettes and cut them out and stuck them to yellow polka dot scrap book paper. I think that was a pretty good compromise :). Wyatt's favorite thing on the wall is the picture of me (about 30 weeks preggo) holding his ultrasound picture. He stares and it and smiles pretty much every time he is getting his diaper changed! It's like he knows what the picture is of.... or maybe he likes the colors :).

We did end up buying him the Jenny Lind crib and his bedding is all from Land of Nod. I made the curtains with fabric I found at (which is a great website if you need some decorating inspiration), and I lined them with blackout liner which is GREAT for early mornings and nap time! I think it is a must for nursery curtains. The bench is from Ikea, and I made the cushion using THIS tutorial and the fabric was purchased from I sewed the banner above the crib and the pillow in the chair with the left over fabric. The beautiful quilt on the back of the chair was made by my friend Dayna Walraven. I absolutely love it and know that it is one thing that will stay with Wyatt forever. Wyatt loves to stare and smile at all of the patterns on the quilt. It's the sweetest thing. My friend Brooke made the Wyatt banner out of burlap, and then I hung it in the frame. You all know how much I love some burlap, so I obviously had to have a least one thing made out of burlap ;). The "book" shelves are actually spice racks from Ikea that were only $4 a piece! I saw the idea on pinterest and knew I needed to incorporate this into the room. I love books and I hope Wyatt does too. 

Wyatt and I spend a lot of time in here playing on the floor, and I've even started reading to him in here. He doesn't really look at the pictures in the books too much yet... he mostly watches me while I'm reading and talks in his little baby language the whole time :). The louder I read, the louder he gets :). He is really chatty these days! I love hearing his voice and his smile and giggle melts my heart every time. I am loving every second of being a mommy to Wyatt. God has blessed us so much with this sweet little boy. Being a mom is definitely one of the most challenging things I have every done, but also one of the greatest! I'm learning to depend on God's grace and trust Him to give Brian and I what we need to care for Wyatt. I'm also constantly have to remember that Wyatt is in God's hands and He cares for Him and loves Him more perfectly than I ever could. We praise Him for letting us be Wyatt's mommy and daddy, and we pray that we bring Him glory with how we parent Wyatt and that that we are always pointing Wyatt to Christ. 

Thanks for reading and I hope to share more about Wyatt's birth story and being a mommy with you all soon :).