Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Burlap lamps and friends.

While I was shopping (I mean looking:) in downtown Franklin one day, I noticed tons of burlap lamp shades.... and that just grew my burlap obsession to even greater depths. I don't think my husband thought that was possible :). So, I came home and decided to attempt to cover one of my lamp shades in burlap.

All I needed for this project was burlap, hot glue, scissors, and some fabric for the flower I made for the lamp.

 I just started at the top and glued the burlap to the inside of the lamp shade like this:

 Added a little flower for some flare.

And ended up with this.

I think I am going to spray paint the lamp post white as well. I think that will make the burlap stand out more. I'll post a picture when I finish that part.

Our friends Aaron, Kristen, and their sweet baby Noah came to visit us recenlty and we had a great time showing them around Nashville. Brian makes a great tour guide. We had the best time showing them some of our favorite places, and we are already looking forward to their next trip here! Here are a few pictures from their visit:

LLLL UUUU !! :) Loved having some Liberty alum in my home! Thanks for coming guys. Come again soon :).

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Garland is not only a Christmas decoration.

This past weekend our dear friends Kristen and Aaron and their baby, Noah, came to visit us! It was SO MUCH fun. I wish they would have stayed forever. We had a great time showing them around Spring Hill, downtown Franklin, and Nashville. I also found out that Brian makes a really great tour guide :). While we were showing them around Hillsboro Village, we went into the store, Social Graces. Kristen and I saw this garland made of coffee filters, burlap, fabric and jute that we fell in love with. So we decided to try to make it ourselves. Thankfully, I had all the materials at home so this craft cost zero dollars. Definitely my kind of craft.

Here is the garland from Social Graces:

Here is how I made my own version. I made my "bunches" a lot smaller than the ones at Social Grace. All I did was cut circles out of coffee filters, fabric, and burlap (you all know how much I love some burlap). I then cut a small hole in the center of all of them and pulled the jute through. I had to use a little glue to make it look a little messier and more like a bunch. I also crinkled up the coffee filters to make the bunch look a little thicker and messier. I tied a knot in the jute on each end of the material I used to hold each individual bunch in place (sorry I forgot to take pictures of that part). 

And that is my non-Christmasy, hopefully a little summery, free, handmade garland.