Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Now that it's warming up here in Spring Hill, we are starting to tackle some of our outside house projects we didn't finish last year. One of those projects is too paint our shutters, but I haven't decided yet on which color. Here is our house and our faded not so pretty shutters right now:

They definitely have seen better days and need a little face lift. I have narrowed my choices down to the following colors:

A very dark navy blue:

Bright Red. (I really like the red, but I am am not sure how it will look with our brick color)

Or... white:

Or is there anyway my house could look like this because I am in love with this color combo:

That might take more than a little spray paint :(.

So that's my dilemma. If you have any input let me know. I'll post some pics when I finally decide and it's all finished.


  1. Hmm. I'm kind of loving the red...

  2. I feel the red might clash a little with the brick. I would do something like a dark greenish-blue or white.

  3. oh man... now I'm torn. I'll paint half red and half blue, and one shutter white :). Thanks for your help!

  4. I think the red will make it look like a little farm house and white would be too plain...I like the dark navy blue. But whatever you (Martha Stewart) decide will turn out great I'm sure :)

  5. I would go for the navy. Love that combo -- we have brick also, and hate what the "color" combo is here (soft blue and white - red brick!!)

    a thought....cut out large construction paper in those colors, and hang on a window -step back and then decide...cuz over all the colors - i really like the yellow:)