Sunday, October 9, 2011

Stencils and fall decorations

I am bad at blogging. Sorry to be so sporadic and inconsistent with this blog :(. I have found some time in the last month or two to do a few crafts in the midst of a pretty hectic and crazy schedule. I bought some stencils a few months ago to do a project for our master bedroom. There was one big blank wall that needed a little help.... but I couldn't figure out what would be an inexpensive option. Recently, I saw a canvas that said "everyday I love you" in Lulu, a fun store in downtown Franklin, that I decided to try to make.

So... I bought some stencils. In the store they looked smaller than they did when I brought them home, so ended up needing two canvases to stencil the phrase onto instead of one. Good thing the canvases I bought came in a pack of two. I stenciled them on the white canvas using black paint. The black was a little too black for me, so after it dried I lightly brushed some white paint over the whole canvas to lighten it up a bit. Then I took a piece of sand paper and sanded over the entire canvas to give it a distressed look. Here is how they turned out.

The project cost me about $15, and I have already used the stencils again, so it was definitely a cost effective addition to our bare wall :).

This afternoon, I used the stencils to make a "Fall" banner for our mantle. I already had the garland up, I just added the burlap pennants to it. I saw this banner on pinterest and have been wanting to make something similar for our home.

Here is the one I saw on pinterest:
Here is the one that I made:

 Here is a glimpse at our other Fall decorations.

There is chili cooking in my crock pot right now and there is a super beautiful maple tree turning bright red in the backyard. Fall is here, and I am loving it. This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. I hope you all are enjoying this season too! Happy Fall!

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