Friday, October 15, 2010

Chalkboard Craze

So I have a new obsession.... chalkboard paint. Maybe I should have been a teacher. My house is suddenly covered in chalkboards.
The picture wall now has a little chalkboard accent : ). I used chalkboard contact paper for this one and put it over the glass. It went on very smoothly. I found the chalkboard contact paper on amazon. (sorry the picture quality isn't the best... I took them with my phone).

For this one, I bought a black poster frame and spray-painted it cherry red. I then painted the cardboard (that came with the frame) with chalkboard spray paint. I might buy a piece of plywood in the future and use that instead of the cardboard (so it will last longer), but for now the cardboard is holding up great!Another example of chalkboard contact paper (and of my chalkboard obsession:).

I think Brian might have thought that I took this new obsession too far when I spray painted the white board :). I couldn't find any of my dry-erase markers, so instead of buying new markers, I just made it into a chalkboard. I think it was an obvious solution and it was cost effective since I already had the paint.

I hope this post has encouraged you to love chalkboards too. Enjoy your weekend. We will be busy painting book shelves, shooting hoops, selling sweet sleep necklaces at a craft fair, hanging out with my father-in-law (who built the book shelves), church, and having our life group over. I love weekends.

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  1. I am LOVING your blog!!! Where did you get your glass jar? I love that! Did you add the chalkboard and ribbon?