Sunday, December 12, 2010

All things Christmas.

December has been a busy month so far, but this weekend, time seemed to slow down a bit. Brian and I were able to stay home for most of it and just relax. Sitting around isn't the easiest for me.... but I found a few things to do during our weekend at home :). I did leave the house for a few hours to make cookies with Victoria Duer and some of her friends in her mom's BEAUTIFUL kitchen. We made sugar cookies for some of the elderly at Willow Springs Assisted Living home. We were planning on going there today with the students to sing Christmas carols.... but it snowed a whole lot here today, so we had to cancel and now Brian and I have a zillion sugar cookies in our house. Not good. I had lots of time to do some crafty things this weekend. I had some burlap I have been wanting to make something with, so I cut approximately 2 inch thick strips and made garland for our Christmas tree. I saw burlap on the tree at Pottery Barn and I knew it would be pretty simple to make. I really like how it turned out! I forgot how messy burlap is.... our bonus room is covered in burlap fibers, but I think it was worth it.
I made a wreath out of twine and made felt flowers for one of a Christmas gift. I made a similar wreath when I first moved into our house, and I made some flowers for that one as well this weekend. To make the wreath, I just wrapped the twine around the wreath and hot glued as I wrapped. I put a little bit of glue on the back of the wreath and then wrapped it a few times, and then more glue on and wrap some more and so on... Pretty simple. To make the flowers, I cut circles out of the felt, and then I cut around circle to make it into one large strip and then started wrapping while hot gluing the felt around itself. I hope that makes sense. The pictures should help make it more clear.

I also left the house this morning to spend time with the fabulous Blantons for a few hours. One year old triplet boys are super entertaining to hang out with! It was a fun, snowy, and relaxing weekend in Nashville :).

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