Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas and our trip to NOVA

I didn't know what NOVA meant until I met Brian :). Do you? I'm going to let you wrestle with that for awhile (you probably all know what that is already and I'm just a little slow:). Anyways, here are some highlights from our Christmas and New Years.

I had to work Christmas Eve night, so we had to stay in the Nashville area. Brian and I had Christmas morning at our house. Brian got me these super cute Merrell boots that I love. (Please excuse the lack of make-up and unbrushed hair).

And Brian got an iPad :)

Then we went to our friend Josh's family's house for Christmas brunch. His mom is a super amazing cook... so if he ever invites you over, say yes :). It was so fun to spend Christmas morning with their family. We had Christmas dinner with the Vicary family (I forgot to take pics!). They are like family to Brian and become that way for me as well. I lived with them for a few weeks when I first moved to Nashville (before Brian moved here). We are so thankful for their family and the love they have shown us.
I worked a few days and then we headed to NOVA to have Christmas with Brian's family. It was so great to spend a few days with them.

Brian's parents bought me my very first sewing machine! Now I just need to learn how to sew....

And Brian's mom gave him this... I guess she has tried to give it to him many times but he always conveniently forgets it at home. I'll make sure that doesn't happen this time :).
There were 4 dogs in the house Thursday night! Roy was a little freaked at first, but now he feels right at home. I think he is going to be sad to leave.
We had lots of fun spending time with these cuties.
Brian and I also made a trip to 3 of my absolute favorite stores.... IKEA (post on my IKEA finds coming soon), the J CREW OUTLET (they just opened one near his house! It was the best surprise ever), and Trader Joes (I know we have one in Nashville, but it's really far from my house and I absolutely hate Green Hills traffic). We also got to hear his dad preach on Sunday and spend lots of time just sitting on the couch watching football and movies and reading.

Finally... I had the absolute pleasure of meeting two of my best friends in Frederick, Maryland today for lunch. We had lunch in the beautiful historic district. I had no idea that Frederick has so much charm. It was so great to see these women. I am extremely blessed by their friendship.

Historic Frederick.
One of the cutest Starbucks I have been to.

Love these ladies and hoping for more lunches in Frederick in the future.

Back to Nashville tomorrow. I have some crafts I'll be working on and hope to get them on the blog soon. I hope you have enjoyed these first few days of 2011... I sure have!


  1. Yeah Girl! Northern Virginia! LOVE it up there!!

  2. just so you know...josh's onesies match your if brian ever needs to borrow them! so glad yall were there for the christmas brunch family fun!