Monday, January 24, 2011

Trying some safer options for crafting...

So as many of you know.... I had a little (big) accident with a power stapler this weekend. I'll post about that when it's easier for me to type. I only have use of my right hand at the moment, so I'm a little slow on the keyboard :).

Today I had to call out of work.... narcotics and a bulky dressing would have made my job a little difficult. I slept a large part of the day, and then I experimented with a little photo editing. I bought some huge frames from IKEA recently and I have been planning on adding some pictures from my past mission trips to them. Today I added some verses to a few. I am only going to put two of the pics up, but I'm not sure which ones to choose. The verses might be hard to read, but they are going to be 8"by10" on my wall.

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