Monday, February 7, 2011

Can you ever have too much burlap???

I have totally embraced the burlap trend in our home. I love it! I'm always looking for new places to add a little burlap :). I was at a wedding last weekend, and there was burlap everywhere! I was part of the clean-up crew, so of course I asked what they were going to do with all the burlap and they were going to throw it away!!! So.... I came home with A LOT of burlap. I'm glad I packed light on my way to the wedding so I had lots of room in my suitcase for some additional burlap :). Here are some of the places I've incorporated a little bit (or a lot) of burlap:
Burlap table runner in the dining roomBurlap wrapped around vases.

A little burlap on the coffee table...
And... burlap behind the clock.

Have you made anything with burlap lately?

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