Saturday, April 23, 2011

Missions slideshows

We had Secret Church this Friday night and i made these slideshows from BBC mission trips and some trips I have been on for the breaks.... except I didn't get to share them. Something about my mac not being compatible with the church's system.... oh well. It worked out well because Secret Church had awesome info and videos on the persecuted church around that they shared during the breaks (that we didn't know they were going to have). My heart is still so full and processing everything we learned/experienced last night. I will blog about it soon. In the meantime, be in prayer for the persecuted church around the world. We watched a video about some men in India who saw people in their village killed and their homes burned and lost everything in this world because they were Christians, and they still proclaimed victory in Jesus and gave Glory to His Name. What an eternal perspective! It was truly beautiful.

I hope the faces of these videos encourage your heart to pray, send and/or Go and to be a blessing to the nations today.

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