Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some "LOVE" was added to our picture wall

I had a blank canvas hanging on my picture wall that I needed to do something with. I had a few different ideas but nothing that I really was in love with. Then I thought of this well known sculpture:

And thought.... how can I put that design on my canvas? This is what I ended up with:

What you need to do this too:

Contact Paper
A printer

What I did:

I enlarged the LOVE picture and printed it out. I cut out the letters to sort of make a stencil for my canvas.

I traced the stencil onto contact paper, and cut it out.
I painted the canvas white (I know its already white, but I like the texture of paint better than the plain canvas and I thought if I needed to touch up any areas with paint, it would be better if the whole thing was already painted white).

After the paint dried, I stuck the contact paper to the center of the canvas. If I ever do this again, I'll use a vinyl that will stick better. The contact paper didn't stick to the canvas as well as I had wanted it to.

I painted over the whole canvas (with the contact paper still stuck to it) with green paint.
Then I removed the contact paper from the canvas.... to reveal the LOVE :). It bled in a few areas. If you used a better vinyl I don't think it would do that as much. I had to touch up a few spots with white paint, and then I had my finished product.

Pretty easy. Things I will do differently next time will be to use spray paint instead of using a paint brush, use something that sticks to the canvas better, and maybe even do it on a piece of sanded wood instead of canvas. Anyways.... I hope you like it!

I also recently got this 8x10" canvas for free (well shipping was $15.... but that is still really cheap for a gallery wrapped canvas!). I still need to find something to put under my tree canvas. I have a shadow box I am thinking I will put there... I just need to decide what to put in it.

I hope you are enjoying this beautiful day!

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