Saturday, July 30, 2011

burlap wreath

Welp... While at work on Thursday, I started loosing my voice until I pretty much had none. I thought I had just talked too much (sometimes I definitely talk too much). Then the sore throat came, then the fever, then the HORRIBLE body aches. I guess it was more than just talking to much. We had a lot of fun things planned for the weekend.... breakfast with Arley and ML, Pucketts to hear Carl Wayne, 5k to raise money for orphans in Haiti, some friends coming over to our house, farmer's market to hear Dennis Mihalek's band.... and so on. FUN WEEKEND!! Due to this illness, our weekend instead consisted of movies on the couch. I also had lots of time to look at some of my favorite blogs and pinterest (my new love). I saw a wreath on THIS blog and I decided to use some of my sick time at home to make a similar wreath for the front door... since I already had all the materials at my house.

This is the first time I looked at the picture of the wreath since way before I decided to make one like it. I think I now need to add a few more burlap circles to mine, but for now it will be just fine. Here is how I made my wreath.

I already had this wreath wrapped in fabric, but I had some other flowers on it that were pretty plain looking. I removed the flowers and used this wreath for my base for the burlap circles. (The pictures are taken with my cell phone... sorry!)

I cut out lots of circles out of burlap and two different left over fabric I had from other projects.

Then I just pinned them in place around the wreath and hung it on the door with some green ribbon. 

I  also made a chalkboard sign for my sugar jar to match the one I made for the Flour awhile ago. Chalkboards and burlap are taking over my house.

I'm glad doing a little crafting made this sick weekend at home a little bit more enjoyable. I guess the Lord new I needed a restful weekend and this was pretty much the only way that was going to happen. Hope to see you when I am no longer quarantined to my couch.

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