Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunburst mirror

I saw this great DIY mirror on one of my favorite blogs... The Lettered Cottage. 

We have been working on renovating our master bedroom, so I decided to try to tackle this mirror to put above the bed. Mine definitely did not turn out as good as Layla's on the Lettered Cottage, but I am happy with the results. The only problem was that I did not cut my shims down 4 inches like they did, so my mirror ended up being realllly big and therefore it did not fit over our bed :(. So... I found it a home on the wall leading upstairs. Those walls were really bare and need a little something anyways. Also, you can see it when you are sitting in the downstairs living room, so I think it worked out to be a nice addition to our walls.

Materials you need:
Cedar Shims (found at Home Depot. I had to ask where they were located since until a week ago I had no earthly idea what shims were. You will need to packs)
Liquid Nails - Home Depot
3 floral rings - Michaels
8 inch mirror - Hobby Lobby
White spray paint - I used Rustoleum's Heirloom White from Home Depot
mirror hanging kit

I basically just copied this tutorial from the Lettered Cottage, except for that my shims didn't line up quite as perfectly as their's did :(, I think it's because I glued shims around the 2 outer rings first, and then I glued rings around the smaller ring and then stapled the 2 separate rings of shims together. If I ever make another one, I will not do it separately like I did but instead line up the shims for the smaller ring over the other shims on the bigger rings and attach them that way. That might not make sense unless you see it in person. I also spray painted my shims white before gluing the mirror on. Here are pictures of how my mirror turned out:

This was a pretty inexpensive not too difficult addition to a very empty wall! If you like it, you could totally make one too! Have a great Sunday.


  1. I'm always amazed at your creativeness! You need to teach me too!

  2. Thanks ladies! Sandra... you can totally do it too! I just copy other people's ideas :)